I want to go hiking, so I'm waiting for the snow to melt. Sometimes I remember to see the view.

I want to go hiking, so I’m waiting for the snow to melt. Sometimes I remember to see the view I have.

If you’ve been waiting for me to come back to this spot, I’m sorry. I know how annoying it is to wait for things. Because I’ve realized that’s what I do, most of the time. Wait. I suppose you could say I’d been waiting for inspiration to write something here. I do know I’ve felt kind of torpored the last few months. (Blame some personal stuff.) But I think I’m coming out of the doldrums.

But waiting is a challenge, a seemingly fruitless state most of the time. Limbo. Huge challenge. It has to do with control, I suppose, and how we usually don’t have any. Keep trying though, to move things along. But everything, efficient or inefficient as it might be, seems to end up with waiting.

My apartment building is in the midst of repairs. Some have been done, though the amount of waiting involved was phenomenal. We had the roofers from hell, as far as inefficiency, unresponsiveness, lack of communication, and time-wasting goes, though I hear from others that there’s nothing unusual in that.

Our courtyard was re-waterproofed, and a new surface put down. It’s quite beautiful, though they took so long that the weather-dependent bits have to wait for better weather. Still waiting. Also waiting for garden season, so we can replace the plants that were torn out of our planters when the old courtyard surface was torn up, last summer.

It wasn't a pretty sight outside my window this January.

It wasn’t a pretty sight outside my window, this past January. That’s my place, on the bottom, with no plants in the planter.

The guy repairing stucco for the roofers noticed a problem area, and so in January we had one wall torn open, so that some carpenters could “chase the rot.” This is a term that no one in a condo in this part of the world wants to hear. Anyway, it wasn’t a disaster, and new stucco went on, all fairly quickly. But then the waiting set in, maybe a week for them to come take down their scaffolding, and after that about three weeks waiting for one broken tile to be replaced, and one small fence to be repositioned. Many phone calls, much gnashing of teeth, before I finally got the privacy of my patio back.

Months, spent waiting.

It’s very hard to get your own projects going when you are in the midst of waiting for someone to get back to you. Besides waiting for contractors, I spent a good deal of time the past couple of months for things to happen at my bank, after filling out forms, oodles of them. Missed some important ones (which no one mentioned) so then realized I was waiting for nothing. Trusted someone to fax something, that either didn’t get faxed, or went to the wrong place, and I’m sure caused plenty of cursing as they waited for the twenty or so pages to be printed out (and I hope got tossed straight into recycling). In the end I printed it out and mailed it myself. Then waited. It’s all sorted now, mostly.

I’ve been waiting for a cheque from our building’s manager, so I can go pay for some lights for the building. I’ve been waiting over a month. Today I finally hear it’s available, so now I can go pay for the lights (the lighting store has been patiently waiting). Then we can wait for an electrician to come and install them.

Sometime this summer we are to get new gutters, repairs to the back stairs (the lights installed) and then the building will get painted. This is a lot of contractors I expect to be waiting for, but first I think we have to wait for the building manager to  get a bunch of quotes. He’s been sick, so there’s been some waiting for him to be better. I’m sure this will all happen this summer. What could go wrong?

Then, when all this work is done, I want to sell my place. The realtors I’ve been talking to have been waiting quite a while for me to get to that point. Then I will have to wait for a buyer to come along. Then I’ll have to wait for the closing date. It’s a lot of waiting. But at least I’ll be able to do something when someone buys my place. Pack.

Recently I discovered my body doing something it shouldn’t, and I made a pretty quick doctor’s appointment. But then I had to wait for an appointment for an ultrasound, blood tests, and then I had to wait for my next appointment to see the results. And now I’m waiting for another appointment to be set, so I can get some more tests done. I will wait to see what’s what before I react. Really.

I admit I am not very good at waiting. When I’m stuck in traffic, I will pull out, go down back alleys, find my way to other routes. And wait there. It usually takes longer to go around traffic snarl-ups, but it doesn’t feel like waiting. So my mission right now is to find things to do in the interim of waiting for things to fall into place at my building, so I don’t feel like I’m held hostage (which is a bit how I feel). And of course I need to distract myself as my medical fun and games resolve.

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see how things go. I won’t wait so long to post again.




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