change is good


It took an awful lot of work to get my apartment looking like this. And now it’s not mine anymore

My apartment is sold and I’m on the move. Lots of reasons for selling, some good, some maybe not. Good enough, and now anyway, it’s done. I’ve had this intention for a long time, a restlessness that wouldn’t go away. I’ve had to wait through interminable repairs to the building, too. Then finally, all that was done, and the building was painted, the time was right, and sell it I did.

But where am I moving to? people ask. Well, I don’t know. I was so focused on the first part I lost focus on the obvious second part. I just knew I needed a change. So I made the decision to put everything in storage, and do something else I’ve meant to do for a long time, which is drive across Canada. (Maybe not the whole way, but as far as Ottawa, for sure.)


Kind of how I’m feeling.
(A-maze-ing Laughter at English Bay.)

So that’s what I’ve done; packed everything away except for a carload of things, and I’m on my way. I’ve rented a furnished place in Ottawa, which is waiting for me, and I will stay there through July until the end of August. My daughter and her family are the draw for this part of my journey; haven’t seen them since February, which is far too long, especially with little children. I really don’t want them to forget who this Grandma is.

But I’m not in any particular hurry. I needed a break after the flurry of activity packing and moving, and the emotional (yes) fact of letting go of my place. Even though I wanted to, it’s anxiety-producing to change things up this much. And to become un-attached. I thought about it, and it’s been about 40 years since I last didn’t have my name on the title of some property or other. I have to say though, that what I feel now is a sense of relief that I am finally clear of the place.


The outskirts of Kelowna. Definitely not Vancouver.

So now, I’m in Kelowna, just a short hop from Vancouver, but a very different landscape. I’ve joined my brother and his sweetheart for a couple of days, and then my brother is going to join me for the first leg from here; what feels like the real start (as driving to the Okanagan Valley is not out-of-the-ordinary for either of us). We both inherited a love of road trips from our father, who used to take us rambling when we were kids (and that would be a lot more than 40 years ago!).

We’re going to meander through British Columbia, skip the Trans Canada for the time being. Spend a night in Creston, then follow the road through Kootenay National Park. Some of the route one or the other of us have been on before, but it’s hard to avoid all repetition. We’ll go see the dinosaur museum in Drumheller, Alberta, which is a place neither of us has been before. Somewhere along the way after that he’ll hop on a plane and come back for work, and I’ll point my car eastward, travel down more roads I’ve not followed before, joining up with the Trans-Canada highway at some point. And that’s enough plan for now.

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