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the weird time

Weird times. How often have you heard people say that lately? I know it’s been a while (understatement) since I posted here, but something about the weird time we’re in has left me with plenty of time on my (frequently … Continue reading

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rolling, rolling, rolling; (another) car ride

It’s about a year and a half. What happened? Well, I found a place to live, got settled in, and then one daughter arrived in town for about 9 months, with two granddaughters, and then the other daughter added another … Continue reading

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blink, and I’m back

I rolled into Davis on the 8th of October, and now it’s the 18th and I’m in BC, staying at my brother’s house (for the time being). Made it in time for Thanksgiving dinner, which in this country is in … Continue reading

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strange visions

I slept an extra night in Santa Fe after the stay at the zen center. I wanted to go to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, and also poke my nose into downtown. The O’Keeffe museum made me think of my mother, … Continue reading

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