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road impressions

Too far, is what I felt, when I looked at the map, trying to figure out the next leg of my journey as I left Florida. I had a great time on Sanibel Island, almost entirely because of the company. … Continue reading

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southern roads, taking me away from home

When you decide to drive all over the countryside, roads tend to run together (pun sort of intended) and you (me) can start to forget pretty fast just where you might have seen something. It helps that my camera dates … Continue reading

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roaming now

Maybe it’s a function of the age I am, but time certainly does pass quickly. I hope I get some balance before too long between that (time) and my intentions and goals. Because I do have some, and time sure … Continue reading

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more roots: Winnipeg to Fenelon Falls

Winnipeg is where my father grew up, so I thought I’d spend an extra day there. I’d been there twice before. Once on a camping trip with my family, back when I was about 16, and then last year, I … Continue reading

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