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southern roads

It’s been a springtime of driving. I’m home now, but full up with impressions from taking myself down to California and back. I started out driving at the end of May, making my way south to take part in a … Continue reading

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northern roads

The opportunity to spend the summer in a cabin by a lake in the north was something my boyfriend seized on. Fishing, kayaking (in a glacier-fed lake you don’t want to fall into), chopping wood. (Maybe he’ll learn to hunt.) … Continue reading

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finding my way

It’s a week since my latest birthday. The count is now up to 61, which puts me firmly in my sixties, not just skirting the issue, as I was last year. Or, as one friend put it, “My, we are … Continue reading

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it’s about time

Time was I would write in here regularly, various things feeling important to go on about. In more recent times I find myself deflected from this particular task. It’s a curious thing, really, because I mean to, but I blink, … Continue reading

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